Poison Ivy Home Remedies

There are a few poison ivy remedies that you can try to help stop the itching and swelling. The first thing that should be done before any of these remedies, is to wash every single area of your body that came into contact with the plant. Try using dish washing soap instead of regular hand soap when washing the affected areas. That's right, even in the shower. When washing your body, it's best to use cold water instead of warm or hot water. The cold water will ensure your pores remain closed, blocking any of the oils from entering your skin. Try to shower with dish washing soap up to 4 times daily.

Next step would be to wash all of your clothes in hot water. Washing your clothing in hot water will get rid of the urushiol oils from the clothing. Don't forget your bed sheets and pillows. Wash every single thing that you came into contact with. Use alcohol to clean off door knobs, computers, phones, steering wheel, etc.

How to stop Poison Ivy from Itching

To soothe your skin and help with the itching, apply a cool wet towel to the areas that itch.

Apply calamine lotion or sprays, this will help with itching and dry the blisters.

Another home remedy that you can try is bathing in epsom salt or baking soda. This should help with the itchiness and speed up the drying process.

Swimming in a pool with chlorine will help dry the rashes quicker. Swimming in the ocean is also a good idea because of the salty water.

Apple cider vinegar seems to also help with the itching.

Taking a vitamin C supplement can also help as it boosts your immune system, which will fight of the rash quicker.

Taking an antihistamine, like Benedryl or Claritin can help with swelling and itching.

Applying Aloe Vera to the rashes will cool the skin and stop the itching for a few hours. Reapply as needed.

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